Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know my personal information is really out there for anyone to buy?

There are many ways to confirm your information is exposed. The simplest would be to visit our home page and key your name and location into the “Free Search” box. When you hit submit, we will query four of the more active information broker sites to see what types and how much of your personal data they have. Based on what we find, we will assign you a Personal Privacy Risk Profile. We will also show you the type of information they have. If these sites have your information, it is safe to assume many others do as well. Alternatively, you could key “find a person” into your browser. When you do so, you will be presented with a bunch of information broker URLs. Select one or two, key in your name and see what they come back with. If you’re comfortable with what you see, you’re done; and, congratulations, by the way. If you are not, we can help.

2. How long does it take to remove my personal information from all these sites?

The amount of time it takes to remove your information varies from site to site. Some will respond instantly and remove your information immediately upon instruction to do so. Some will take several business days to a week. And, a few may take as long as 30 days. You can actually watch the process on your Personal Privacy Dashboard. There you will be able to see how many sites your information has been removed from and how many remaining pending. You’ll also be able to see when we issued the removal instructions to each site. As a matter of practice, if a site has not removed your information within 15 days of initial request, we reissue the removal instruction. If they have not complied after the second request, we escalate the matter by making a direct call to the site to assure removal.

3. Will my personal information ever reappear on these sites?

Unfortunately, your information will inevitably reappear on some of these sites. In fact, some will repopulate your information as early as 30 days after it was initially removed. That’s why it is so important that we continuously monitor for the appearance of your information on a new site or the reappearance of your information on a previous site. During the term of your subscription, we will frequently check each site to assure your information has been removed and that it does not reappear. If it does reappear, we instantly initiate the removal process and manage that process until your information is removed once again.

4. How would I know that my personal information has actually been removed?

When you subscribe to the ManageURIDProtect service, in addition to beginning the removal process, we will build you a Personal Privacy Dashboard. That Dashboard, accessible only via personal user name and password, will be dynamically updated to reflect improvements in your Privacy Profile as your information is being removed, and the status of our removal efforts with respect to each of the sites we have identified as able to make your personal information available. Additionally, we will deliver personalized daily, weekly or monthly reports which will summarize the actions we have taken on your behalf during the past month. If you feel further validation is required, you could always visit the sites we represent we have removed your data from, key in your name, and see if anything is returned.

5. Is ManageURID affiliated in any way with the data brokers that are compiling and selling my personal information?

No! ManageURID is an independent entity; and, that independence allows us to offer our members a completely unbiased service.

6. How much of my personal information would you be collecting while performing this service, and would I then need protection from you?

We do not collect any of your information in the performance of this service. We would essentially be acting as an agent on your behalf issuing removal instructions to the many information brokers that can make your personal information available. Of course, we then follow-up to assure your information has been removed – and we continuously monitor thereafter to intercede again as your information is repopulated - an inevitability in the Internet universe. The only information we need to perform our service is the data you provide us when you set up your account. That modest amount of information is never shared, rented or sold to anyone.

7. Why would I pay a fee to remove my personal information from existing entities when they can simply repopulate my information or form another company to build a personal information profile about me?

It is also true that new sites will appear from time to time. Some will be uniquely new while others will be derived from or associated with existing sites. At ManageURID, our research staff is constantly monitoring the changing landscape of the information broker community to assure we provide the best and most comprehensive service in the industry. As the industry evolves, so will we.

8. My personal information is mine. Why should I have to pay someone to remove it from companies that shouldn’t have it without my permission in the first place?

Unfortunately, there is very little of your ‘personal information’ that is truly yours anymore. Information brokerage has become a significant and very big, multi-billion dollar business with many, many players. Some of these players acquire your personal information for benign (if not sometimes irritating marketing) purposes, often with your unwitting permission (through Privacy Policies or Terms and Conditions of doing business with them). However, in environments like these there will always be the inevitable others (in this case many) who will seek to capitalize on the situation by compiling and making your information available to literally anyone willing to pay. Our purpose is to help you remove your information from the many you do not wish to have it.

9. Why hasn’t the government stepped in with legislation to protect my privacy?

The government has indeed stepped in and implemented legislation (and more will follow) in an effort to curb the abusive use of personal information and protect the privacy rights of citizens. However, with literally billions of dollars at stake, every player in the industry will find a way to continue to operate either within or by navigating around the law (such as securing permission to use your personal information or making the use of your personal information a condition of availing yourself of their services). Some of this will be obvious; some much less so. For example, the following was extracted from a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities published by a social network provider:
“You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with……”
Some will ignore the law altogether. In any case, with 2.3 billion users of the Internet, any kind of legislation designed to protect your privacy will be very difficult to enforce. Therefore, it will continue to be incumbent on every one of us to know who has our information and how they might use it. Because this is a significant task that few will have the time or the knowledge to manage, we have developed a service to perform these functions on behalf of our members.

10. Most of the information being made available is a matter of public record, so can’t someone who wants it just go and get it anyway?

Much, but not all, of what the information brokers compile is a matter of public record. However, acquiring public record information requires time and knowledge and is not a trivial task for the uninitiated. Information brokers assemble public record information into one place making it very easy for someone who wants your information. At the same time, many information brokers compile significant amounts of non-public information as well, and most people are extremely sensitive about the compilation and sale of this information.

11. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, upon notice from you. When you notify us of your intent to discontinue our service, your account will remain active until the end of the then current billing cycle. Thereafter, service will be discontinued and there will be no further billing.