Privacy Policy

Last revised 3/31/2013

At ManageURID, our mission is oriented around protecting your privacy and returning control of your personal information to you. As such, we assiduously collect the least amount of information necessary to perform our service on your behalf; and we treat the information we do require responsibly and securely. Please read this brief policy now and return often as we may update it from time to time.

We will never sell the data you provide us to anyone. We will only use your information to the extent it is necessary to perform our services for you. You retain ownership of your data at all times.

Except in the performance of our services for you, we will not otherwise provide your information to anyone unless we are compelled to do so by law in response to a valid court order. Generally, Companies do not have to inform you when there is a legal request for your data, but in the event we are compelled to disclose any of your information, we will make every effort to notify you so that you are aware and may respond in any way you deem appropriate.